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Industrial Designer



We help you to change the world

Why we do it

The humanity needs creative and sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges we face. Big corporations are able to scale products and services, but the world changing solutions are most of the times created by small companies and startups. Therefore we believe the only way to keep creative is to empower people to transform their own ideas into real solutions.


How we do it


We will look for current solutions which compete to your idea


Create all shape and technical details your idea should meet in order to be successful


Put the idea in action and validate design and market acceptance


Define production route and sales channels

  1. You start by booking a free online meeting with one UNA Creation Consultant to present your idea. A Non-disclosure agreement is signed at the beggining of the meeting, so your idea is legally protected. 

  2. If the project is accepted by the consultant, you will receive a formal proposal for the consultancy service.

  3. Once you accept the service proposal, you will receive a schedule for meetings and the tools to start the project.

How do you start

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