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Preparing Hot Dogs


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Hotdogger - Bun Driller - Pack of 2

The Hotdogger is a new kitchen tool designed to drill the bun instead of cutting it. Eating hotdogs will never be the same. You will be able to add lots of condiments without worrying about spilling everything in your shirt or seeing the sausages/brats slipping away from your hotdog. The Hotdogger is easy to use and dishwasher safe.

Who we are?

We are a community of hot dog fans and, if you got here, then you are also one of us. We have three different sections on this site: Recipes & Ideas, which is a collection of all recipes available on the internet, from the classics to the most modern and innovative ones. The second part we call The Hot Dog Map and it shows the most famous hot dog restaurants around the world, collected from Instagram and expert websites. The third part named Featured Products brings to you the coolest gadgets and ingredients readily available on Amazon, so you can improve your hot dog parties.

We receive recommendations and tips from many people on all social media channels and if you like our content or have suggestions for us, let us know at the contact section! Enjoy your meal!

Recipes & Ideas

In this section we show the best recipes and ideas to make hot dogs. Do you have a favorite recipe? Let us know!

Recipes & Ideas
The Hot Dog Map

Here is the map where we collect all famous places to have the best hot dogs in the world! If you didn´t find your favorite, let us know!

thebesthotdog map.JPG

Didn´t find your favorite hot dog spot? Let us know!

The Hot Dog Map
Featured Products

Below you find the most acclaimed gadgets for hot dogs. They all add value and fun to your hot dog experience with your family or friends.

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Did you like our content of have any feedback? Let us know!

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Featured Products
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